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The Farmer's Wife Baking Cookbook: Over 300 blue-ribbon recipes!

Remember Me: Constructing Immortality - Beliefs on Immortality, Life, and Death

How to Draw Cars Like a Pro, 2nd Edition - , Lisa Hallett

The Soldier from Independence: A Military Biography of Harry Truman - D. M. Giangreco

F6F Hellcat at War - Cory Graff

Consumer Behavior Knowledge for Effective Sports and Event Marketing

To Be a U.S. Secret Service Agent - Henry Holden

Inspiring Children to Read and Write for Pleasure: Using Literature to Inspire Literacy learning for Ages 8-12 - Fred Sedgwick

How to Restore Ford Tractors: The Ultimate Guide to Rebuilding and Restoring N-Series and Later Tractors 1939-1962 - Tharran E Gaines

The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century - USMC Colonel Thomas X. Hammes

The Art of BMW: 90 Years of Motorcycle Excellence - Peter Gantriis

Tiger Tanks at War - , James D. Brown

The Power of Urban Ethnic Places - Jan Lin

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racers: The American Heroes - Norm DeWitt

Fortress Rabaul: The Battle for the Southwest Pacific, January 1942-April 1943 - Bruce Gamble

To Be a Crime Scene Investigator - Henry M. Holden

Fake Stuff - Yi-Chieh Jessica Lin

Birds in Flight: The Art and Science of How Birds Fly - Carrol L. Henderson

The Farmer's Wife Comfort Food Cookbook: Over 300 blue-ribbon recipes!

How to Talk to a Borderline - Joan Lachkar

Backroads of North Carolina: Your Guide to Great Day Trips & Weekend Getaways - Kevin Adams

How To Raise Cattle: Everything You Need To Know - Philip Hasheider

Darkest Hour: The True Story of Lark Force at Rabaul - Australia's Worst Military Disaster of World War II - Bruce Gamble

How to Raise Poultry - Christine Heinrichs

Creating the Ethical Academy - Tricia Bertram Gallant

Fighting to Leave: The Final Years of America's War in Vietnam, 1972-1973 - Robert E. Stoffey

A Bloody Business: America's War Zone Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq - Gerry Schumacher

The Twins Platoon: An Epic Story of Young Marines at War in Vietnam - Jr. Sauro, Christy W.

Speed Secrets 4: Engineering the Driver - Ross Bentley

How to Raise Rabbits - Samantha Johnson

Using Effectiveness Data for School Improvement: Developing and Utilising Metrics - , Christopher Downey

A Grain of Sand: Nature's Secret Wonder - Gary Greenberg

The 200-MPH Billboard: The Inside Story of How Big Money Changed NASCAR - Mark Yost

USS Missouri at War - , Carolyn Bonner

Four Stars of Valor: The Combat History of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment in World War II - Phil Nordyke

The Criticism of Henry Fielding (Routledge Revivals) - Ioan Williams

Straight Talk - Paul R Timm

Mickey Thompson - Erik Arneson

American Passenger Trains and Locomotives Illustrated - Mark Wegman

New York Yankees and the Meaning of Life - Derek Gentile

American History Goes to the Movies: Hollywood and the American Experience - W. Bryan Rommel Ruiz

Urban Tourism and Urban Change

The Power of Role-based e-Learning: Designing and Moderating Online Role Play - , Elyssebeth Leigh

The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History - Jim Walsh

The Middle English Romances of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries (Routledge Revivals) - Mehl Dieter

Coal Trains: The History of Railroading and Coal in the United States - , Patrick Yough

The English Press in the Eighteenth Century (Routledge Revivals) - Jeremy Black

Coaching Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for 7-14 - , Simon Percival

Historic Colorado: Day Trips & Weekend Getaways to Historic Towns, Cities, Sites & Wonders - Claude Wiatrowski

Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today - Steve Johnson

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