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  1. Praying the Story: Learning Prayer from the Psalms - , J. D. Walt
  2. The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman CD and DVD
  3. Gene-Environment Interactions in Developmental Psychopathology
  4. Rethinking Substance Abuse: What the Science Shows, and What We Should Do about It
  5. Comprehension Instruction, Second Edition: Research-Based Best Practices
  6. Weight Training for Triathlon: The Ultimate Guide - Ben Greenfield
  7. Do You Have Alligator Arms? Embracing Life, Hope, and God - James W. Moore
  8. My Life with Charlie Brown - Charles M. Schulz
  9. Metabolic Surge: How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Fast - Nick Nilsson
  10. Weight Training for Women's Golf: The Ultimate Guide - Kai Fusser
  11. Talking Back to OCD: The Program That Helps Kids and Teens Say "No Way" -- and Parents Say "Way to Go" - John S. March
  12. Essential Questions in Adolescent Literacy: Teachers and Researchers Describe What Works in Classrooms
  13. Mad Scientist Muscle: Time/Volume Training - Nick Nilsson
  14. Theory Construction and Model-Building Skills, A Practical Guide for Social Scientists: Sociology, Sociology - CTI Reviews
  15. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Adult Asperger Syndrome - Valerie L. Gaus
  16. Reading the Good Book Well - Jerry Camery-Hoggatt
  17. Metabolic Surge Beginner's Training: Lose Your Fat Fast while Building Muscle - Nick Nilsson
  18. Evaluation in Distance Education and E-Learning: The Unfolding Model - , Bruno D. Zumbo
  19. The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion: Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions - Christopher Germer
  20. Metabolic Surge Bodyweight Training: Rapid Fat Loss and Muscle Building with No Equipment - Nick Nilsson
  21. When Someone You Love Is Bipolar: Help and Support for You and Your Partner - Cynthia G. Last
  22. Treatment of Eating Disorders
  23. Taking Charge of Adult ADHD - Russell A. Barkley
  24. Roots of a Region: Southern Folk Culture - John A. Burrison
  25. Best Practices of Literacy Leaders: Keys to School Improvement
  26. When Someone You Love Suffers from Posttraumatic Stress: What to Expect and What You Can Do - , Jason C. DeViva
  27. The Therapeutic Alliance: An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice
  28. Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential - , Richard Guare
  29. The Unofficial United Methodist Handbook - , Jr. Joyner, F. Belton
  30. 101 Great Games for Kids - Jolene L Roehlkepartain
  31. Methamphetamine Addiction: From Basic Science to Treatment
  32. Best Practices in ELL Instruction
  33. The Life of Brian Honour - John Riddle
  34. The Art and Science of Child Custody Evaluations - , David A. Martindale
  35. Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice - Joel Paris
  36. Your Defiant Teen - Russell Barkley
  37. Empowering Struggling Readers: Practices for the Middle Grades - , Leslie D. Burns
  38. The Craft of Life Course Research
  39. Mixed Methods Research: Merging Theory with Practice - Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber
  40. The Lost Art of Listening, Second Edition: How Learning to Listen Can Improve Relationships - Michael P. Nichols
  41. Religion That Heals, Religion That Harms: A Guide for Clinical Practice - James L. Griffith
  42. The Development of the Person: The Minnesota Study of Risk and Adaptation from Birth to Adulthood - , Byron Egeland
  43. Ready-To-Go Devotions for Mission and Service - Mark Ray
  44. Sex Matters for Women - Sallie Foley
  45. Faith Builders - Nadia C. Herbert
  46. The New Literacies: Multiple Perspectives on Research and Practice
  47. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder, Second Edition - , A. John Rush
  48. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Psychology, Psychology - CTI Reviews
  49. Treating Sexual Desire Disorders: A Clinical Casebook
  50. Collaborative Brief Therapy with Children - Matthew D. Selekman
  51. Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice - Melinda Hohman
  52. Helping Couples Get Past the Affair: A Clinician's Guide - , Douglas K. Snyder
  53. Ready-to-Go School's Out: Youth Ministry Ideas for School Breaks and Summer Vacation - Todd Outcalt
  54. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies for Trauma, Second Edition
  55. Common Factors in Couple and Family Therapy - , Sean Davis
  56. Strong Was Her Faith - J. Ellsworth Kalas
  57. Distress Tolerance: Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications
  58. Youth Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Youth Ministry - Houston Heflin
  59. Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies in Crisis Intervention, Third Edition
  60. The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of: 77 Unique Ab-Blasting Exercises - Nick Nilsson
  61. Psychodynamic Therapy: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice - , Jacques P. Barber
  62. A Second Resurrection - William Easum
  63. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Couples and Families - Frank Dattilio
  64. Reading Instruction for Diverse Classrooms: Research-Based, Culturally Responsive Practice - , Nancy Hulan
  65. Treating ADHD and Comorbid Disorders: Psychosocial and Psychopharmacological Interventions - Steven R. Pliszka
  66. Cognitive Therapy of Schizophrenia - , Douglas Turkington
  67. Stress, Coping, and Development, Second Edition: An Integrative Perspective - Carolyn M. Aldwin
  68. Desistance from Sex Offending: Alternatives to Throwing Away the Keys - , Tony Ward
  69. Comprehension Across the Curriculum: Perspectives and Practices K-12
  70. Qualitative Research: Studying How Things Work - Robert E. Stake
  71. Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder: How to Keep Out-of-Control Emotions from Destroying Your Relationship - Shari Y. Manning
  72. Explaining Reading, Second Edition: A Resource for Teaching Concepts, Skills, and Strategies - Gerald G. Duffy
  73. Cognitive Therapy for Challenging Problems: What to Do When the Basics Don't Work - Judith S. Beck
  74. The King of Cappielow - John Riddle
  75. Working with Children to Heal Interpersonal Trauma
  76. Essential Skills in Family Therapy, Second Edition: From the First Interview to Termination - , Lee Williams
  77. Controlling Your Drinking - William Miller
  78. Noah Built His Ark in the Sunshine - James W. Moore
  79. Literacy Research Methodologies, Second Edition
  80. Triangular Teaching - Barbara Bruce
  81. Dig Into the Bible - Leedell Stickler
  82. Stop Arguing with Your Kids: How to Win the Battle of Wills by Making Your Children Feel Heard - Michael P. Nichols
  83. Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates: Answering Tough Questions and Building Strong Families - Diane Ehrensaft
  84. Christianity and World Religions - Participant's Book - Adam Hamilton
  85. Raising Children To Love Their Neighbors: Practical Resources for Congregations - Carolyn C. Brown
  86. Wrong Sex, Wrong Instrument - Maggie Cotton
  87. Nature's Witness - Tony Jones
  88. Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults - , Mariann Suarez
  89. Moments That Take Your Breath Away - James W. Moore
  90. The Advanced Numeracy Test Workbook: Review Key Quantative Operations and Practise for Accounting and Business Tests - Mike Bryon
  91. The Wired Church 2.0 - Jason Moore Len Wilson
  92. Twelve Parables of Jesus - Maxie D. Dunnam
  93. Becoming Who We Are: Temperament and Personality in Development - Mary K. Rothbart
  94. Matching Books and Readers: Helping English Learners in Grades K-6 - , Terrell A. Young
  95. Take Back Your Marriage - William Doherty
  96. A Mind Apart: Understanding Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome - Peter Szatmari
  97. The Message in the Music: Studying Contemporary Praise and Worship - Robert H. Jr. Woods
  98. The Best Arm Exercises You've Never Heard Of: Get Great Arms Fast - Nick Nilsson
  99. Urban Ministry - Ronald E. Peters
  100. Worship Workshop - Marcia McFee

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