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  1. Fast Track to Fat Loss
  2. Winning the Fight Against Breast Cancer
  3. Smart Investing Made Easy
  4. Easy Italian Audio Course for Beginners Set, Vol 1, 2, & 3
  5. Russian Crossroads: Toward the New Millennium - Yevgeny Primakov
  6. Into the Hearts of the Amazons: In Search of a Modern Matriarchy - Tom DeMott
  7. Pretext for Mass Murder: The September 30th Movement and Suharto's Coup d'État in Indonesia - John Roosa
  8. In Times Of Crisis: Essays On European Culture, Germans, and Jews - Steven E. Aschheim
  9. Power in Colonial Africa: Conflict and Discourse in Lesotho, 1870-1960 - Elizabeth A. Eldredge
  10. Wrestling with an Angel: Power, Morality, and Jewish Identity - Ehud Luz
  11. Restless Nights: Understanding Snoring and Sleep Apnea - Peretz Lavie
  12. Elements of Teaching - Jr. Banner, James M.
  13. I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History - Walter Mirisch
  14. The Arab Public Sphere in Israel: Media Space and Cultural Resistance - Amal Jamal
  15. Chicken: The Dangerous Transformation of America's Favorite Food - Steve Striffler
  16. African Tales - Harold Scheub
  17. Outlawed Pigs: Law, Religion, and Culture in Israel - Daphne Barak-Erez
  18. My Germany: A Jewish Writer Returns to the World his Parents Escaped - Lev Raphael
  19. Lowering the Bar: Lawyer Jokes and Legal Culture - Marc Galanter
  20. Before, Between, and Beyond: Three Decades of Dance Writing - Sally Banes
  21. Naming Colonialism: History and Collective Memory in the Congo, 1870-1960 - Osumaka Likaka
  22. United Artists: The Company that Changed the Film Industry, Volume 2 1951-1978 - Tino Balio
  23. Visions of Schooling: Conscience, Community, and Common Education - Rosemary C. Salomone
  24. Fragile Middle Class: Americans in Debt - Teresa A. Sullivan
  25. Witnessing the Disaster: Essays on Representation and the Holocaust
  26. Nightmare¿s Fairy Tale: A Young Refugee's Home Fronts, 1938-1948 - Gerd Korman
  27. Of God and Gods: Egypt, Israel, and the Rise of Monotheism - Jan Assmann
  28. On Toleration - Michael Walzer
  29. The New Black Gods: Arthur Huff Faust and the Study of American Religions
  30. They'll Have to Catch Me First: An Artist's Coming of Age in the Third Reich - Irene Awret
  31. Spirits of Earth: The Effigy Mound Landscape of Madison and the Four Lakes - Robert A. Birmingham
  32. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook: With Exercises and Basic Grammar - , Ellen Elias-Bursac
  33. Hellfire Nation: The Politics of Sin in American History - James A. Morone
  34. Letters of Menakhem-Mendl and Sheyne-Sheyndl and Motl, the Cantor's Son - Sholem Aleichem
  35. Malinowski, Rivers, Benedict and Others: Essays on Culture and Personality
  36. Entitlement: The Paradoxes of Property - Joseph William Singer
  37. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Grammar: With Sociolinguistic Commentary - Ronelle Alexander
  38. Women's Organizations and Democracy in South Africa: Contesting Authority - Shireen Hassim
  39. George Santayana: Literary Philosopher - Irving Singer
  40. Islam: A Thousand Years of Faith and Power - Jonathan Bloom
  41. Butterfly Boy: Memories of a Chicano Mariposa - Rigoberto González
  42. Volksgeist as Method and Ethic: Essays on Boasian Ethnography and the German Anthropological Tradition
  43. I, Maya Plisetskaya - Maya Plisetskaya
  44. Does the New Testament Imitate Homer?: Four Cases from the Acts of the Apostles - Dennis R. MacDonald
  45. 1001 Beds: Performances, Essays, and Travels - Tim Miller
  46. King Hussein of Jordan: A Political Life - Nigel Ashton
  47. Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss - David G. Myers
  48. Clueless in Academe: How Schooling Obscures the Life of the Mind - Gerald Graff
  49. Sleeping Like a Baby: A Sensitive and Sensible Approach to Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems - Avi Sadeh
  50. You're Not From Around Here, Are You?: A Lesbian in Small-Town America - Louise Blum
  51. Other Mother: A Lesbian's Fight for Her Daughter - Nancy Abrams
  52. Benjamin Franklin - Edmund S. Morgan
  53. First Three Years and Beyond: Brain Development and Social Policy - Edward F. Zigler
  54. Mothers and Medicine: A Social History of Infant Feeding, 1890¿1950 - Rima Apple
  55. Rural Society and Cotton in Colonial Zaire - Osumaka Likaka
  56. Hanging Together: Unity and Diversity in American Culture - John Higham
  57. Censorship in South Asia: Sedition to Seduction
  58. God of Hope and the End of the World - John Polkinghorne
  59. At Empire's Edge: Exploring Romes Egyptian Frontier - Robert B. Jackson
  60. Fortunes of History: Historical Inquiry from Herder to Huizinga - Donald R. Kelley
  61. Bronze Horseman: Falconet's Monument to Peter the Great - Alexander M. Schenker
  62. Stravinsky and Balanchine: A Journey of Invention - Charles M. Joseph
  63. The New Political Sociology of Science: Institutions, Networks, and Power
  64. Prostitutes and Courtesans in the Ancient World
  65. Visions of a New Land: Soviet Film from the Revolution to the Second World War - Emma Widdis
  66. Self-Determination Theory in the Clinic: Motivating Physical and Mental Health - , Geoffrey Williams
  67. John Henry Newman: The Challenge to Evangelical Religion - Frank M. Turner
  68. Dissecting Stephen King: From the Gothic to Literary Naturalism - Heidi Strengell
  69. Viet Nam: Borderless Histories
  70. Critical Theories of the State: Marxist, Neomarxist, Postmarxist - Professor Barrow, Clyde W.
  71. Dead End Kids: Gang Girls And The Boys They Know - Mark S. Fleisher
  72. Stalin-Kaganovich Correspondence, 1931-36
  73. Jonathan Edwards: A Life - George M. Marsden
  74. Science as Autobiography: The Troubled Life of Niels Jern - Thomas Soderqvist
  75. Imperium and Cosmos: Augustus and the Northern Campus Martius - Paul Rehak
  76. Fruited Plain: Fables for a Postmodern Democracy - Alvin Kernan
  77. Recollecting Freud - Isidor Sadger
  78. Cataclysms: A History of the Twentieth Century from Europe¿s Edge - Dan Diner
  79. The End Of Prussia - Gordon A. Craig
  80. Livia: First Lady of Imperial Rome - Anthony A. Barrett
  81. In Search of Authenticity: The Formation of Folklore Studies - Regina Bendix
  82. D-Day in the Pacific: The Battle of Saipan - Harold J. Goldberg
  83. Antecedents to Modern Rwanda: The Nyiginya Kingdom - Jan Vansina
  84. Colonial Situations: Essays on the Contextualization of Ethnographic Knowledge
  85. An Intellectual History of Psychology - Daniel N. Robinson
  86. Chieftaincy, the State, and Democracy: Political Legitimacy in Post-Apartheid South Africa - J., Michael Williams
  87. Way of Death: Merchant Capitalism and the Angolan Slave Trade, 1730-1830 - Calder Miller Joseph
  88. Antisemitism, Christian Ambivalence, and the Holocaust
  89. The New Authoritarianism in the Middle East and North Africa - Stephen J. King
  90. Bones, Bodies, Behavior: Essays in Behavioral Anthropology
  91. Observers Observed: Essays on Ethnographic Fieldwork
  92. Objects and Others: Essays on Museums and Material Culture
  93. Who Am I?: An Autobiography of Emotion, Mind, and Spirit - Yi-Fu Tuan
  94. The Faces of Intellectual Disability: Philosophical Reflections - Licia Carlson
  95. The Rights of Nature: A History of Environmental Ethics - Roderick Nash
  96. The Rhetoric of Economics - Deirdre N. McCloskey
  97. Recovering Bodies: Illness, Disability, and Life Writing - G. Couser
  98. Romantic Motives: Essays on Anthropological Sensibility
  99. The Assassination of Gaitan: Public Life and Urban Violence in Colombia - Herbert Braun
  100. Brothers And Strangers: The East European Jew in German and German Jewish Consciousness, 1800¿1923 - Steven E. Aschheim

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